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Phono-Graphix therapists do not work for Read America and will not answer general questions. If you have questions about Read America's products or the philosophy of Phono-Graphix or Language Wise please contact Read America directly.

If you are seeking a certified therapist to work with your child continue your search.

The results here will include any Phono-Graphix trained therapist who:

  • Has placed a listing here
  • Is a current member of our therapist organization
  • Regularly assigns home based work with clients either through our Support Books or Virtual Clinic Home. It is our intention that parents should have regular access to support materials for use with their children (Orton Annals of Dyslexia, C. McGuinness, et al, 1996)..

If you are seeking a licensed trainer to train you in our methods, please click here.

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